High voltage amplifier 10kv

High Voltage Diode 10kv / 1 amp. Enlarge Image (SDI) ED2106. EDI high voltage diode. 10kv, 1 amps. 1" x 2" x 4"L. *** SOLD OUT *** High Voltage Diode 20kv / 3 amp. ... High voltage diode, a solid state replacement for a high voltage tube. 7 pin miniature tube base. 2-3/8" high x 5/8" diameter. Plate cap.

E4554 3-phase: CDN 480V/32A. Thermo Keytek ECATS (ECAT E103, E510 A, E4551 kV) with the E 510 biwave surge to 10kV, 5kA, with integrated single phase coupler/decoupler. This system comes standard with an ISO 17025 accredited calibration and technical support.Thermo Keytek, E 510 Bi-wave Surge module to 10kV per IEC 61000-4-5 for the ECAT system. Order Advanced Energy 5HVA24-BP1-BNC-10KV from Sager, an authorized distributor of Non-Isolated / POL DC-DC Converters - DC-DC Converters product. View product details, stock & pricing. Till 10kV the devices are air insulated and from >10kV till 60kV they are oil insulated. This series includes the high voltage power supply NHCR which provides an output voltage of 8kVDC or 10kVDC as well as the necessary cathode-heat transformer NDRG and the XY-sweep amplifier RNTR.

Bandwidth DC to 10, 200 or 500 MHz. Fixed or variable gain up to 60 dB (x 1,000) Noise down to 0.9 nV/√Hz. True DC coupling, switchable to AC. 50 Ω bipolar or 1 MΩ FET input stage.




The Genvolt 7xx30 series high voltage power supply is a compact and versatile bench top power supply that has a minimal ... tailored to suit your specific needs. Most of the units we currently supply tend to be 500V, 1kV, 2kV, 2.5kV, 10kV, 20kV and 30kV. This little bench top power supply is currently utilised in research laboratory. AEMC 6550 High Voltage 10KV Megohmmeter Value Kit with Free 6527 handheld 1kV Megohmmeter. Special Price $4,927.50 Regular Price $5,475.00. Mitchell Part Number. AEJ-213031-K. Manufacturer.

Generation of high impulse voltage 10 kV..

The voltage surge simulator VSS 500N10 generates high voltage transients as required by EN/IEC 60065 and UL 6500 standards for safety tests on audio, video and similar electronic apparatus. Such test is also required by EN/IEC 60950-1 for safety testing of Information Technology equipment. Features. Surge voltage up to 10kV.