Lash adjuster removal tool

Service points for removal <> lash adjuster removal. CAUTION When reusing a lash adjuster, it must be washed and inspected before installation. 7. Soak the lash adjuster in the diesel fuel in container C. Gently push the internal steel ball using the special tool Air bleed wire (MD998442). This browser is not supported. To get the best experience using shop.snapon.com site we recommend using a supported web browser(s): Chrome, Firefox. Lash Adjuster Removal Tool.

What is a lash adjuster? Jump to Latest Follow. Hydraulic lash adjusters can be compressed by hand pressure if they 'collapse', which means they aren't holding oil due to a leak in the lifter or adjuster.




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Lash Adjusters / Hydraulic Lifters "Big Bore" / 3rd Gen ... 3SX Hydraulic Lifter Removal Tool (Rocker Removal Tool) WOW! "Mechanikin" just got that much easier! Originally changing lifters meant pulling the timing belt and camshafts out - a BIG project. Then it became using a couple big screwdrivers and/or pry-bar - that made life easier but.

This tool comes in really handy if you're changing your lifters (properly called lash adjusters) with the cams still in place. The lifters are most often changed Most guys wait until the cams are coming out for some other reason and just add the lifter removal to the procedure. However, if you really want to.