Shrl assembly

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When bit is some other value, e.g. 0x0001, the assembly version of the expression is output and the program executes correctly. Observing the difference in assembly output for different values of bit reveals a combination of a right shift (shrl) and bitwise and with constant 1 (andl) being used to (correctly) evaluate the expression where the .... SHRL.EXE Information This is an undesirable program. This file has been identified as a program that is undesirable to have running on your computer. This consists of programs that are misleading, harmful, or undesirable. If the description states that it is a piece of malware, you should immediately run an antivirus and antispyware program.

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Blower w/Brackets, SHRL for various brands including: Superior, Lennox Hearth Products, FMI, Vanguard, DESA, Astria, Country Stoves, Whitfield, BIS Fireplaces, Iron Strike, Earth Stove, Comfort Glow, Vantage Hearth, Design Dynamics, Ironhaus, Everwarm, Firewerks, Security, Comfort Flame, Traditions, Glow Warm, Vexar, Coleman Fireplaces and Elite.

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