Midjourney image size

How to change Quality in Midjourney. If you want to lower or increase the output quality of Midjourney images you can use the following commands. --quality 0.25 The lowest setting, 4x faster and 4x cheaper. --quality 0.5 Less detailed results, 2x faster 2x cheaper. --quality 1 The default setting, Midjourney uses.

“Compared to DALL-E 2, Imagen and MidJourney, NUWA-Infinity can generate high-resolution images with arbitrary sizes and support long-duration video generation”, says Microsoft. DALL-E 2 generates image embedding from an input text based on either an autoregressive or a diffusion model and uses a diffusion model to produce the output image.





The default upscale size is 1024 x 1024 pixels. The default upscale to max size is 1664 x 1664 pixels. Lots of other aspect ratios can be generated, but the maximum file size Midjourney can generate is about 3 megabytes. An upscaled default square image at.

size -aspect or -ar Sets a desired aspect ratio, instead of manually setting height and width with -h and -w. -ar 16:9 : 9:16 aspect ratio (~256x448).

Midjourney does not currently offer the ability to use an "init" image as seen in some other tools, due to concerns about community public content. --iw — Adjusts the weight of the image URLs vs the text. 0.25 is the default weight.