Omv docker puid

Oct 01, 2019 · The parameter -e sets environment variables. googling for environment variable PUID yields among others this result: Understanding PUID and PGID on, who provide a docker image for calibre-web. Quote from that page: Using the PUID and PGID allows our containers to map the container's internal user to a user on the host machine..

Apr 30, 2020 · Names the container “wireguard”. --cap-add=NET_ADMIN. Allows the container to perform various network operations. --cap-add=SYS_MODULE. Allows the container to install the Wireguard kernal modules for your host operating system. -e PUID=1000. Sets Process User ID to 1000 to help avoid permission issues..

- PUID=1001 #the first user created in the GUI of OMV has the UID 1001 - PGID=100 #OMV adds user by default to the group users which has GID 100 - TZ=America/Indianapolis #adjust as needed volumes: I've installed Syncthing on OMV in Docker, but cant get it to recognize the folder I would like to sync, which was created in OMV prior to..




Jul 31, 2019 · - In the docker template I have then configured: PUID=1012; GUID=100 - started the container - checked with: "docker exec -it binhex-makemkv whoami" and I get ROOT, and I should get "NOBODY" I had the suspect that the container wasn't started with the user SVC_MAKEMKV because I had access to the folders (but the user SVC_MAKEMKV had no rights).

OMV最大的优势是开源免费,很轻量,连我家云这种机器也可以使用。 但是我个人体验了多次后,还是觉得不适应,权限经常出错。 docker的这个LibrePhotos相册我之前也试过,非常占用CPU资源,不知道现在有没有改善。 其实我觉得,DIY的NAS系统,还是黑群晖会香一些。.

Choose "Build LMDS Stack" and then select "vpn-client" from the list and OK, hit Enter couple of times confirming default options, when you are back to the shell run: docker-compose up -d. After "vpn-client" container is created, edit section of the docker-compose.yml shown below: You can also copy/paste below to your custom docker-compose file.