Neighbours shed too high

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A SUPER noisy garden shed is causing grief to neighbours living nearby who say they can hear everything going on inside. Residents in the village of Hemyock, near Honiton, say the 9ft high building has been designed for extra living space, complete with its own bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. ApexNeighbours living near a a 9ft-high garden shed says it’s super noisy[/caption]. Simply because it’s made of wood with a felt roof doesn’t make it a shed if it’s 25m high, takes up most of the garden and boasts four bedrooms. Your shed must be single storey with a maximum height of 4m, no nearer than 2.5m to the main house. It cannot take up more than half the garden. ... This goes for shed-kits, too. The supplier may. Aug 12, 2019 · Q I have recently had installed a small 2.4m x 2.1m summerhouse at the bottom of our terraced garden. The height is less than 2.5m. I wanted to use the building to enjoy our garden and as a ....

For the front garden, I would plant one or two quick growing buddelias in front of your fence, which should hide most of the neighbours' sheds. They have the advantage of being able to be kept cut down to the size you need, the flowers are attractive and attract pollinators. Buddelia 'Lochinch' has lovely silvery leaves, often semi-evergreen in.




Pรกgina 2 My neighbours shed roof blew off and damaged my drain pipe which now needs replacing! Do I claim off there insurance? ridiculous amount of money to pay for insurance, (especially as. You say it meets all the criteria, there are restrictions on height but if it meets these it is OK. But from memory it's 4.0m for a pitched roof and must be 5m from the house assuming you are not in a conservation area. Jason B big-all Joined 12 Jul 2004 Messages 19,697 Reaction score 1,769 Location Surrey Country 19 Jun 2006 #3.

2. Place one or two other evergreen trees within your yard such that they block much of the shed from your line of sight. The trees will grow wide over time and the branches will fill in some of.

Apr 20, 2022 · A HOMEOWNER is struggling to sell their house after they discovered a neighbour had built a shed on their property. While you might assume the neighbour is in the wrong for building on land they do.