Can you take trazodone with paxlovid

Drug interactions. The most common side effects of Paxlovid treatment tend to be mild and include diarrhea, muscle aches, high blood pressure, and an altered sense of taste, Roberts says. However.

Paxlovid is a treatment taken over the course of five days in the form of a pill swallowed twice daily. “Antiviral” medications like this one do exactly what they sound like they should: stop viruses from multiplying in your body. Studies by Pfizer (Paxlovid’s manufacturer) have shown that in unvaccinated people at serious risk of COVID.

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May 16, 2022 · PaxlovidPaxlovid™ is an antiviral treatment used in adults and children ages 12 years and older. It is taken at home by mouth (orally). It should be started as soon as possible after confirmed positivity and symptom onset. Treatment must begin within 5 days of when COVID symptoms start..

In the case of Paxlovid treatment, ritonavir slows the body's breakdown of the active antiviral and helps it remain at a therapeutic level for longer. When Paxlovid is paired with other medications that are also metabolized by the CYP3A enzyme, the chief worry is that the ritonavir component may boost the co-administered drugs to toxic levels.