Fake snitch paperwork

Cuban Link then explained he wanted to see if the paperwork "was real or not" and said he "hoped it was fake." After speaking to Fat Joe about the allegations and not hearing from the.

Fat Joe responded to Cuban Link's claims by stating the paperwork was fabricated. Now that a week has passed since the initial allegations and there's been no confirmation that the paperwork is authentic, Cuban Link was forced to admit that the document was fake. Cuban Link explained that he got his information from Star's YouTube channel.

After Texas Right to Life set up a website encouraging people to snitch on their friends and neighbors they suspect of getting illegal abortions, people started organizing across social media to flood the site with fake reports, theoretically making it more difficult for them to parse through the information to find real leads to follow up on.. But Sean Black (@black_madness21) took things to.




WACK 100 & CUBAN LINK SPEAK ON RUMOR THAT HE OUT OUT FAKE SNITCH PAPERWORK ON FAT JOE. By Posted in Clubhouse. Posted on 20th July 2022 20th July 2022. TAGS: clubhouse clubhouse golf clubhouse international clubhouse rentals. Search for: Recent Posts. SUPER HEATED. WACK 100 & CUBAN LINK SPEAK ON RUMOR THAT HE OUT OUT FAKE SNITCH.

He added, “So the paperwork as it stands, it’s forgiven [sic]. I’m glad that I did not get put on by no fake rat n-gga, so there’s a part of me that is happy. Besides that, I did my own.

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